There are always two sides to the story.

Especially when you marry two cultures together. Two total different backgrounds and ways of thinking. This is the first of a blog series about everyday events in our life and the two completely different viewpoints that accompany them.


Let me just start by saying that I love my wife with all my heart. And she is wonderful. And amazing at making me smile. And not always because she is so stinkin’ adorable. Sometimes (maybe even more than just “sometimes”) she does things just make me go ‘”hmmm”.  And sometimes I even have to do a double “hmmm”. Like right now.

I walked in to the kitchen, glanced over at Kenya and saw the deer in the headlights look. The same “look” I would give my mom when I knew I had been caught sneaking Oreo cookies (I was only allowed two at time. Apparently all that deliciousness wasn’t good for kids). My natural reply was, “What happened now baby”, half way expecting some kind of  kitchen disaster.  Instead I saw her pulling six-inch, hot-pink high heels out of the freezer with, that’s right, ziplock bags of solid ice wedged into the toe box.  Apparently I was not the only one found speechless. Yes, both speechless for a good five seconds, after which we could’t help but bursting into uncontrollable laughter.

I asked her if she had ever heard of wooden shoe stretchers to which she matter-of-factly replied ,”This works better”. I’m sure. These were the very shoes she HAD to wear that night. After we waited for the ice to melt so it could be removed from her shoes. Although she claims they fit just right after the “freezer” trick, I am still somewhat skeptical.

Once she told her sister about her new-found discovery of making uncomfortable shoes comfortable, she of course had to try as well. Her freezer and ziplock bags must not work as well as ours because we now have not one, but two pairs of her sisters high-heels in our freezer. Two of my good friends Ben and Jerry have unfortunately been given the boot for a while. At least until a few dozen uncomfortable shoes have been given the “ice” treatment.


In order to clear things up we have to go back a few days to when I received a text message from my sister with a photo of the most adorable hot pink heels I have ever seen. The message read:  do you want them? They’re on sale.  I immediately called her to get the 411. She was shopping in Portland and she just knew I would love the shoes.  We discussed texture, shade of pink, how many inches, and  I was sold.  That is where the story really began.

Turns out the shoes only sell in full sizes. Why would they do that? Beats me.

I wear a 7 1/2 and lucky for me so does my sister. I had her try the size 8 shoe. My motto is : a little  big is always better than too small, right? Well this 8 was huge and so we had to settle for seven. Which she swore fit just a bit tight and I should be able break them in with no problem.

When the shoes arrived, I snagged them from her and stuffed my foot in it and you know what? They were tight alright. In fact I wondered how long I could wear them for before I had to have them surgically removed.  Yet I wasn’t about to give up on these shoes. Hot pink heels with cute little bows, what’s not to love? So I went online to research a way to stretch shoes out. I scrolled through hundreds of entries until one caught my eye. It claimed that if you stuff ziplock bags with water into the shoe and then place the shoe in the freezer and allow the water to freeze that it will make the shoe stretch out as the water expands.  Just to clarify I do realize there are wooden shoe stretcher but I wanted to wear the shoes that night and going to town to try and find one was not something I wanted to do.

So o ff I went and stuffed my shoes with ziplock bags and carefully placed them in the freezer. That night when I was ready to wear them I went to retrive them from the freezer. Thats when Peter came into the kitchen and saw me pulling shoes from our freezer.  He gave me a puzzled look and he just knew his wife had finally gone completely mad.  ”Did you just pull those shoes out of the freezer?”, he asked in disbelief.  I was caught red handed.

For those of you wondering, it worked.  My shoes stretched enough to wear them comfortably or at least as comfortably as you can wear six inch heels.

Cindy Bealer - July 9, 2012 - 7:31 am

Kenya…Yes, but you didn’t say why your sister had to put her shoes in your freezer! :) Enjoying this……

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