All family photos are not the same

Not all family photos are the same. Sometimes you take the spur of the moment, “everyone is here so lets get a photo” shot. I know my family does the same thing. Unfortunately these images are usually less than stellar and they get put in an album, never to be seen again. Having a professional (like myself .. wink wink) come out and take your family photo can be something that everyone will want to share. Some of my clients turn them into greetings cards for holidays or special occasions. This image happens to be the child of not only a client but a good friend of mine and the shoot took place the North Lake Community Park in Umatilla, FL. This makes even more pressure on me because I have known this guys mom and dad since practically we were born. These kind of shoot are are minimal in cost and you get the image that will truly last a lifetime. So next time you are planning a family event, consider hiring a professional photographer for a few hours to ensure that the family gets outstanding photos.

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