Capture the moment and not perfection

Capture the Moment and not perfection:

All to often I see people who are so consumed with trying to capture perfection, they miss the moment. Looking back at all the images our parents took, it is easy to see that they embraced the idea of capture the moment. Not so long ago, you kept just about every photo taken. Now when we look at those, the memories come flooding back like a tidal wave of emotion. These images were not perfect from a technical standpoint. In the case of my parents, the camera equipment was sub-par. This didn’t matter and somehow, most parents just instinctively knew how to capture a moment without concern for the perfect shot.

My Advice

is to people on how to take better photos is to stop worrying about settings and all the things you are told. Instead just shoot what you find interesting. View from the heart and just put the camera in auto mode if you have to. Get back to the joy of photography.

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