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Studio Portrait

Home studio photography can be great and cost effective

Home studio photography As many new photographers (and their clients) soon find out, the cost of renting a studio can quickly burn through your budget and leave you with little to no profit. This is not the recipe for a successful photoshoot.  So the answer is a home studio but can you produce great images in a

Pet photoshoot in Orlando

Pet photography is a large part of the photo profession. Most photographers specialize in one or maybe a few specialty areas such as a Wedding Photographer, family portrait, headshots, product, action or event photography, babies or infants and of course pets. When my client asked to do a promotional shoot with


Smaller formal weddings & elopement ceremonies on the rise

Small Formal and Elopement weddings This is something we are starting to see a lot of in the Central Florida / Orlando area, smaller formal weddings and elopement weddings photography requests. In contrast, an elopement ceremony typically has less than 10-15 guests, this wedding was a small, formal ceremony with under a hundred guests. As with all my formal weddings, I shot the “bride getting ready” plus bridal party shots and had

Photographs from a christening in Orlando

A Christening is a very special event. It is not every day that someone calls and asks if you can photograph a christening. Over the years I have professionally shot many types of events from wedding and concerts to family and political functions but this was a first. Most people don’t know but when I was young, I was a Catholic altar boy. I completely understand the importance of this ceremony to the family. It was an honor it is […]

Home less Vietnam Vet

Street Photography can be emotional

This story is about a homeless Vietnam Vet that I encountered while on a street photography outing. I recently had some dental work done that side lined me for a couple weeks which seemed like an eternity. This was the first weekend where I felt like I might be able to do a little shooting so I set off around noon to do some street photography. The fun thing about street photography is that it’s a really personal experience. It’s […]