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Capture the moment and not perfection

Capture the Moment and not perfection: All to often I see people who are so consumed with trying to capture perfection, they miss the moment. Looking back at all the images our parents took, it is easy to see that they embraced the idea of capture the moment. Not so long ago, you kept just about every photo taken. Now when we look at those, the memories come flooding back like a tidal wave of emotion. These images were not […]

Studio Portrait

Home studio photography can be great and cost effective

Home studio photography As many new photographers (and their clients) soon find out, the cost of renting a studio can quickly burn through your budget and leave you with little to no profit. This is not the recipe for a successful photoshoot.  So the answer is a home studio but can you produce great images in a

Home less Vietnam Vet

Street Photography can be emotional

This story is about a homeless Vietnam Vet that I encountered while on a street photography outing. I recently had some dental work done that side lined me for a couple weeks which seemed like an eternity. This was the first weekend where I felt like I might be able to do a little shooting so I set off around noon to do some street photography. The fun thing about street photography is that it’s a really personal experience. It’s […]


Priscilla’s photoshoot – the portrait that almost never was

The word for today is improvisation. In this shoot we had a young college student, Priscilla. The plan was an outside shoot, casual headshots and portrait. Now rain was not expected but Florida’s see breezes evidently didn’t hear the weatherman’s report. We had to improvise a bit when the rains came and we moved the shoot indoors. We experimented with

Photoshop Restoration Tip

This is a tip on on Photoshop Restorations using Adobe Photoshop. I explain one of my techniques for replacing missing parts of a picture by using or borrowing from a donor image. In this case missing eyes. If you would like to learn more about photo restorations using Adobe Photoshop, I have authored a video learning course on the subject with Pearson Education and Peach Pit. CLICK HERE to read more about the course.