Another successful Florida sports portrait

Group Sports Portrait

Shooting the sports portrait in Florida has some challenges apart from the normal session, mosquitoes, but we will get back to that. So one of the first things you have to decide when doing a sports portrait shoot, in this case football is location. Your location will obviously set the tone of the shoot but it will also present challenges as well as opportunities. In this shoot we were shooting at the local high school football field. We had permissions to shoot there but we only had a 2 hour window. This was a little more complicated than usual because there were 4 players, Bulldogs, in some of the shots instead of the usual single person portrait. 2 were stars from the high school varsity football team and the other 2 were stars of their Pop Warner football team. We shot 1 hour of sunset shots and 1 hour of night shots with different props like the baby powder smoke effect. I use Elinchrom portable lighting for these shoots with different softboxes including the Rotalux octobox on my key light. Now in Central Florida, or more specifically in Umatilla (Lake County) Florida where this photography session was there are a fair share of mosquitos after the sun goes down so you have to plan for this bring plenty of bug repellent. Also there is something about shooting on location with these shoots that gives such a great texture and natural feel to the photos as compared with doing in a studio. With proper coordination and time management we completed the shoot on time and the parents were thrilled with the results to say the least. As a photographer that does sports portrait photography, it is nice to live in a state where sports like football, baseball, basketball, soccer and others play such a big role in the communities and have such wide reaching support.

Sports Portrait Football Player
Sports Portrait Football Player

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