Gear Review of the Think Tank Photo Retrospective 30

Now that I’ve had my new camera bag for 4 months I am ready to give you my review and share some thoughts on the bag. The camera bag I went with was the Think Tank Photo Retrospective 30.  This was my first Think Tank product. I did a lot of research before making the purchase and this had great ratings and seemed to fit my needs. This was mainly for my event gigs. I needed a bag where my lenses and other gear were quickly accessible. When I shoot events like concerts, festivals or weddings I carry quite a bit of gear so bags tend to get a little heavy after a few hours on your shoulder. With that in mind my new bag had to be comfortable for all day events with little or no fatigue.

That is my basic equipment list for events and concerts. I know it is more gear than most would carry but I would rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

Event Gear list includes:

  1. Sony a850 with vertical battery grip
  2. Sony a99 with vertical battery grip
  3. Sony 70-200mm 2.8
  4. Sony 16-35mm 2.8
  5. Sony 85mm 1.4 (optional)
  6. Sigma 35mm 1.4
  7. Gary Fong lightsphere
  8. Multiple nd filters
  9. Flashlight
  10. Sony Flash gun
  11. Notebook, extra memory cards, ear plugs, wipes, lens cloth, AA batteries and rocket blaster


All Gear Fits in the Think Tank Retro 30

This bag has an outstanding build. Think Tank Photo used a good quality material and the strap, this thing is to die for. Disperses the weight very well and the non-skid ridges are exactly what I have been wanting. As for storage, it is deceivingly roomy. Lots of compartments and nice padded dividers keep your gear nice and cozy. The really cool thing about this bag is that you can silence the Velcro so when you open the flap to change a lens, you don’t disturb the people around you which is imperative at events such as a wedding. The other good thing about this bag is that it flies under the radar and doesn’t attract unwanted attention.

So in conclusion I can say this bag is the best bag I have ever owned and I highly recommend it.

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