Home studio photography can be great and cost effective

Studio Portrait
Home Studio Portrait

Home studio photography

As many new photographers (and their clients) soon find out, the cost of renting a studio can quickly burn through your budget and leave you with little to no profit. This is not the recipe for a successful photoshoot.  So the answer is a home studio but can you produce great images in a small space? The answer is yes.

Be creative with lighting

You have to be creative in the use of space and it also means that you have to be creative with your lighting setup. So for example when I shoot at my home space, I can’t use my normal set up. I typically use one smaller (39”) Elinchrom Rotalux OctaBox and a reflector. Since I shoot the Sony a99, HSS is not available on my Quadra Rangers, so I use ND filters to help control the amount of light that the camera sees. Here is a hint, give yourself extra time to experiment with your lighting set up.

More tips

Another thing to consider is furniture and props. Most people don’t have the room in their home for props and different furniture that are dedicated just for photoshoots. Well, my solution was a simple but cost effective one. I rented a storage shed for $25 a month from a local storage facility. The shed will not be big but it will do when you are just starting out so it is ideal if you live in an apartment.

Today, my home studio is much bigger which gives me a little extra flexibility when it comes to set up. With that said, even if it wasn’t I have always preferred shooting at my home studio for my smaller shoots if I have the option. Don’t be afraid to shoot in your home because with a little creativity and patience, you can produce fantastic images.

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Home Studio Portrait

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