It’s always good to have a plan B

Lake County Soccer Player – Monika

This Saturday’s shoot proved why planning is so important and to always have a plan B. Our primary shoot location was at a great park in Umatilla, Florida called the North Lake Community Park. This park is brand new and has every kind of activity and field a sports fan could dream of. What we didn’t know was that the soccer and football fields were closed the night before for maintenance and grass seeding. Luckily I always have a plan B. My plan B was a field about a mile from the primary location that is rarely used so I knew we would have a place to shoot. We made it to the new location with sunlight to spare and the shoot went off without a hitch. This was a fun shoot with a very good soccer player. What many don’t know is that Central Florida including Lake County is home to a very large Soccer community.

Sports Portrait – Soccer
Soccer in the Florida sun

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