No makeup and only natural light

This shoot was a major challenge, no make-up and no studio lights. The only thing we would have is ambient light and the sun. Now there are certain limitations when shooting like this including how to expose the subject without over exposing the background too badly. I say too badly because when you are shooting at 12 noon and using only natural light, the background is more than likely going to be a few stops over done.
Red-hair-portrait-smileThis was the first time that I ever attempted a “no makeup” shoot and luckily my subject has amazing facial features such as clear eyes and a porcelain like fair skin. While these features present a challenge in their own right, it does help the final product once the issue is addressed.
For the shoot I used filtered sunlight and the edge of the lake as my background. As you can see in some of the images, the green foliage plays well as the contrast color to our subjects red hair and the burgundy Angora sweater. I started the shoot using an ND filter but luckily we got some cloud cover which gave me the knock down I needed. As a rule I never shoot with any filter on if it is not absolutely necessary. After all, you paid for quality glass so why put anything in front of it that is not needed.
As you can see the images came out wonderfully. Very muted earth tones and notice the beautiful bokeh. The shoot set up took a little longer than a normal set with studio lights, reflectors ect… but judging by the results I would say it was were well worth it.

no make up portrait
No Make up and Natural Light
no make up and natural light
No Make Up Portrait
red hair fair skin no make up
Red Hair and Fair Skin portrait

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