Old Tavares Courthouse

This is the old court house in Tavares. Florida, now known as The Lake County Historical Museum. Constructed in 1922 and is a taste of old Florida, neoclassical architecture. I like shooting architecture at night or at twilight. It was a bit too windy on this night for my liking but that is the way it goes sometimes. When shooting outside in the elements, you are at their mercy. The extreme upside to this shoot was not the image but to what I found during the shoot. This night I found a fantastic location to shoot from that is about 80ft off the ground and gives me a complete 360 degree view of Lake County. I shot a few test shots and was extremely happy. This is a prime case of what I tell people all the time, always be aware because you never know when opportunity will present itself. I keep a note book of my locations I have seen or a cool structure, anything that I find interesting. You never know when you could use that in a future shoot.

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