Photographs from a christening in Orlando

catholic-christening-orlando-headshotA Christening is a very special event.

It is not every day that someone calls and asks if you can photograph a christening. Over the years I have professionally shot many types of events from wedding and concerts to family and political functions but this was a first. Most people don’t know but when I was young, I was a Catholic altar boy. I completely understand the importance of this ceremony to the family. It was an honor it is for me to be chosen to capture this moment.

One of my biggest strengths as photographer is thinking on my feet at new locations which was going to come in handy because this was a church that I had never been to in Orlando. I arrived a little early so I could walk the venue and do some location scouting for my posed shots. Right away I found a big water oak on the side of the church with lush grass underneath and various flowers & shrubs surrounding it. I wanted to do much of the posed images outside because we were going for the organic feel. We need this to offset the texture of the Church’s inside which is a lot of stone and granite along with other hard surfaces.

The priest made a funny comment to me when I was setting up inside that he has performed weddings with photographers who have brought less gear. I told him that I would rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it. Truth is that we had a very specific idea of the images that the parents wanted to capture and my job is to help them realize that vision. Judging by the family’s response, which was that they loved the images, plus the response from everyone when I posted one of the images to Facebook, we accomplished our goals.


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