Pet photoshoot in Orlando

orlando-pet-photography-woman-by-the-lakePet photography

is a large part of the photo profession. Most photographers specialize in one or maybe a few specialty areas such as a Wedding Photographer, family portrait, headshots, product, action or event photography, babies or infants and of course pets.

When my client asked to do a promotional shoot with her dog, a black Labrador,  I was a bit apprehensive. There were a few reasons for the initial concern. The first is that pet photography is not my specialty. The second is that I have shot many images of our family pets when I was growing up but shooting for a client where results matter is a completely different ballgame all together. Pets add a variable to the equation that is an unknown for me. Until this shoot, I had never shot a professional shoot involving a pet.

This shoot was in Orlando and was next to a very scenic little pond. I knew that natural light would play the majority role in this shoot so we set the shoot for 2 hours before sunset. This would give me a little more time than usual with the thought that the dog would add at least 30 minutes to the shoot. I did bring my Elinchrom portables but just as a secondary fill and kicker.

The dog was well behaved for the majority of the shoot and one of the last shots of the session was the keeper that I used for this article. I absolutely love this image. Quite a few people have said that this image looks like a painting, that really gives me the chills. It is always nice to have someone compliment your work but I don’t think someone, let alone many people have compared my image to a painting. After the huge response to this image on my social media platforms, I have received my inquiries about pet parents wanting to book a photoshoot. As I always tell people, don’t be afraid to try something outside your comfort zone, you never know where it might lead to.


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