Priscilla’s photoshoot – the portrait that almost never was


Priscilla's-photoshoot-at-the-lakeThe word for today is improvisation. In this shoot we had a young college student, Priscilla. The plan was an outside shoot, casual headshots and portrait. Now rain was not expected but Florida’s see breezes evidently didn’t hear the weatherman’s report. We had to improvise a bit when the rains came and we moved the shoot indoors. We experimented with a couple chairs but ultimately it was the one from my porch that worked the best. As the late Bob Ross used to say: “There are no mistakes, only happy accidents.”

This was a 2 light set up, one as a key light at about 4 oclock and the hair light at about 10 oclock. I used a grey backdrop and my goal with this set up is to get a good separation of the model and the backdrop. The idea worked well. The problem was that the plain gray background just didn’t fit what I wanted to see. Since the separation of the subject was very good, I was able to extract the subject in post and replace the background with an image that had a little texture to it. This kind of image composition is not my normal workflow but in this case we had to think outside the box. The best part was that in the end, the client liked her image and so did I.


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