Senior Photos can help you shoot outside the box

I don’t need an excuse to get out of the studio and shoot on location but I find one, every chance I get. Photoshoots like senior photos, high school and college can be a great way to step outside the box and stretch your photo skills to their limits. When you are in a studio all the time, it’s very easy to settle into a predictable shooting style for time and convenience sake. As the saying goes; you do it because you can. However when you get out on location with portable lights or just shooting natural light, it gets the creative juices flowing again because the situation is always changing. The Highschool  Photoresults can be something completely different to your shooting style and something that your client can submit for the year book knowing that his or her photo not only captured who they are but is going to be unlike any other photo that their friends submit. Producing these unique images will give you a leg up on the competition and has the potential of making you a better artist.

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