Smaller formal weddings & elopement ceremonies on the rise


Small Formal and Elopement weddings

bridal-portrait-wedding-photographyThis is something we are starting to see a lot of in the Central Florida / Orlando area, smaller formal weddings and elopement weddings photography requests. In contrast, an elopement ceremony typically has less than 10-15 guests, this wedding was a small, formal ceremony with under a hundred guests.

As with all my formal weddings, I shot the “bride getting ready” plus bridal party shots and had my second shooter shoot the groom and groomsman getting ready. Typically, when the bridesmaids and bride are getting ready, they are in good spirits and time is not a real concern. I try to just stay out of their way and look for the candid shots. The only real time crunch happens after everyone is dressed and you still must do the posed images with the party. This can get a bit tricky because by now you are getting very close to the ceremony time and tension and anxiety is starting to build.

  Bridal Portrait

I have to admit that one of my favorite shots of any wedding is the bridal portrait. This is where we get to slow the bride down and allow her the chance to relax and take in the moment. After all, she will be getting married within an hour or so. My goal is to have as few people around as possible, most times it’s just the mother and maybe the Maid of Honor. This should be calming moment for the bride, quiet and peaceful.

As a photographer, I had a wonderful time shooting this wedding. I fell in love with the wedding dress from Allure Bridals and couldn’t wait to shoot the individual bridal shots. As a side note, the single shot of the bride and her dress were the most popular post that I have ever had on my Facebook page. Orlando has such great wedding venues, it’s always a treat.

bridal-portrait-wedding-photographyWedding dress photographybridemaids-with-bride

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