Stand out car show photography

Covering car shows as a photographer consists of a few of the accepted standards such as the never driven trailer queens, the under construction this guy might be a genius section, the food truck, the club games, the trophy ceremony and somewhere in between is the bikini contest. Now depending on the stage set up, these events are not always the easiest to shoot. With that said, the bikini contest is an important part of the coverage be it for a magazine or other publication. Every now and then you get a contestant that is a bit out of the norm, one that stands out from the crowd. Not because she is prettier than the other girls, but just because she has a different look. That is the kind of shot I look for as a photographer and here is why. Most photographers will go after the low hanging fruit and get the obvious blonde bombshell image. In fact there will be hundreds of the same photo of the same girl with each photo less indistinguishable from the next. If you want to get noticed as a photographer, look for the different from the crowd image. Who knows, you might just get that one image that winds up getting you noticed.

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