Start of something new

Bryan-BurchWell we are off to a good start with the new site and the new Facebook page. Over 100 likes within the first 5 days. I am still loading up content to the website and all the other social media sites which is no small feat to itself. It’s funny, when you start looking through your images it is very easy to get side tracked. The memory of the shoot or something funny that happened that day gets your brain to wondering. Some of these photos I haven’t seen in years and there are thousands more to go through. I am starting to come to the realization that the loading of my catalogue photos will some time, and that’s ok. Creating a new site that is specifically designed for my photography work has been a dream for quite a while. I also wanted a chance to share my tips on photography and talk about my projects with everyone. To share my experiences and hopefully help some people with their love of photography. That is my goal for this website. We will get there, and I think we will have some fun along the way.

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