Mid Century Steel Bridge in Mississippi is a dying breed

Mississippi Bridge built in 1951

This is a photo I took of the bridge over the Homochitto River on US 98 in Mississippi. The bridge was built in 1951. I first saw this bridge on my way to Natchez when I was filming my documentary on the Rhythm Club Fire.I have always been fascinated with old steel bridges, there is just something about their character. When you think about the years they have seen and the stories they could tell, it’s very overwhelming. I tend to romanticize the older architecture from the late 1950’s and older. It was strong and built to last by men who willed the structure into being. Today we seem to rely more on pre-fabricated construction methods, more concerned with budget and expediency than with pride and sense of purpose. I know many argue that modern techniques and materials are better but 100 years from now, are people going want that 2015 Honda Accord or are they going to want that 1957 Bel Air Chevy or that ’69 ZL1 Camaro.
These architectural time capsules are a dying breed as they are slowly replaced with bland, uninspiring modern solutions. This is why I encourage people to snap a photo if they come across one of these wonders. Even if it is only with a cell phone, preserve these symbols of our conveniently forgotten past for generations to come.

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