Taking “me” time is good for your clients

Crumbled Old Florida House

Every now and then you just have to grab the camera bag, jump in the van, start driving and when you see something interesting to shoot you pull over and shoot it. This helps to clear my head and puts me back in touch with my gear as well as myself. When you are a working photographer, your job is to capture the vision of your clients and help them realize their goal. Often times, you get so immersed in the work that you forget that you love photography and the reason why you love photography.  In the long term this is not good for you or your clients. When you forget the love of photography, notice I didn’t say loose, you start to become too mechanical in your shooting and this leads to lack of creativity. Nobody benefits from this. So take one day a week, even if only for a few hours and go walk a nature trail or around the city or just drive until you see something that looks interesting to photograph. The fun feelings of photography come rushing back in a wave and your Monday will start off with a bang.

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