Using ND filters to shoot in bright sunlight

Florida Senior Portrait
Lakeside Photoshoot

I have to say that I really love shooting on location. This shoot was lake side at sunset in Lake County Florida. One of the tricks to shooting at sunset or in broad daylight is ND filters. With my portable lights, which are 400 watt seconds, I have to be able to either shoot above the 1/250th of a second sync speed or use ND filters so I can drop to a 2.8 or even 1.4 aperture. Since I happened to be using my Elinchrom Rangers with standard flash heads which can’t be hypersynced I have to use the ND filters. Now ND filters come in many different varieties. I personally use the variable Tiffen or Hoya ND filters. These are good filters which are under $150 and you can get up to 9 stops of filter.  Using filters takes a little time to master but it will really help your shots and what is possible. Now something I forgot to mention about this particular shoot, besides the ND filters, shooting with a model like Nina Jade can take your photoshoot to the next level.

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